Integrity Home Solutions Universal Design

Everyone deserves a home that is safe and usable. Integrity Home Solutions can help.

What is Universal Design?

Universal design is making products and environments to be as usable as possible by as many people as possible regardless of age, ability, or situation.

For homeowners, this means making changes to your house to be more user-friendly.

Ways we can help

At some point in life, most people find themselves or their loved ones have lost some of their mobility. Things they used to be able to do, like walk to the bathroom or work in the kitchen, become more difficult. We can help.

Examples of mobility or senior home modification are:

Grab Bar Installation

Ramp or Threshold Ramp Installation

Faucet and Door Handle Modifications

Doorway Widening

Bathroom or Kitchen Alteration

Remote Controlled Light and Fan Installations

Rocker-Style Light Switch Installation

Home Modification Consultation