It’s an exciting time of life–a new baby!

After you have picked out the paint color and bought the crib, is there anything else you need to do to get your house ready for baby?

Here are a few baby nursery ideas we used in our home that may be useful to you:

1) Install light blocking curtains in the nursery. Trust us on this one. Do you only plan to put your child to bed at night? I didn’t think so. Light blocking curtains make nap times, daylight savings time, and all the time easier for you and the little one to get the sleep you need. They are easy-to-install, too!  And a bonus–they save on heating costs in the winter if you keep them closed by blocking out the cold air.

2) A dimmer switch. It’s the middle of the night. You need to check on baby but turning on the light will wake him up completely and finding the lamp requires running the toy obstacle course. Install a dimmer switch on the main light and you can have dim-to-bright light whenever you need it.

3) Kid-size closet organization. There are lots of great closet organization options and now’s the time to plan ahead. While kids are small, so are their clothes so you can double up hanging space or use the upper or lower portion for shelving and toy storage.  Also, consider installing a grid-style closet organizing system so you can make changes more easily when the time comes.

4) Secure your furniture. It’s never too early to baby-proof, and one of the most overlooked areas is securing furniture to the wall. If you have a bookcase, dresser or other heavy furniture in your nursery, go ahead and tie it back with safety straps attached to wall studs.

If you need help with the tips or want more help for your growing home, give Matt at call at (803) 242-9549 or contact us.

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