Before and After Deck


As summer heats up, homeowners are more likely to spend time outside on decks, porches, and docks. It is also a good time to “check your deck” as recommended by the North American Deck and Railing Association.

Things to look for include

• Is your wood split or decaying? (consider replacing with a PVC, composite or other material, such as Wolf Decking).

• Is the flashing (a metal or plastic guard that directs water out and away from sensitive areas) collecting water or loose?

• Are fasteners loose, rusted, or corroded?

• Are railings and banisters secure?

• Are stairs secure and clear of items than can present a hazard?

• Are surfaces slippery or mildewed?

• Are grills, fire pits, chimneys, and candles being used correctly?

• Do you have adequate lighting and is it clean and working?

• Is outdoor furniture secure and away from deck edges?

• Are deck-related chemical products (like lighter fluid, cleaners, etc) stored securely away from children?

For more tips and things to look for with your deck, view this helpful checklist from NADRA  or call us for a FREE deck inspection at 803.242.9549.


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