It wasn’t too long ago that phones you could wear on your wrist and wall size flat-screens were the stuff of science-fiction.  Now, houses that know how you like your lighting in the morning and refrigerators that tell you when you are low on milk aren’t far behind.

At the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, smart home retailers were showing off the latest trends and top tech. I suspect it won’t be long before Integrity Home Solutions gets asked to install something we didn’t even know existed.  Which of these smart home products are you most ready to try?

1) Smart ThinQ smart home hub


“The Smart ThinQ Hub monitors, controls and collects information from home appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, robotic vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and a variety of sensors. Data is displayed in the form of notifications on the LCD screen or announced through its speaker of the LG Smart ThinQ Hub, acting as the central “hub” of the smart home. This allows users to communicate via a single device instead of a separate smartphone app for each smart-enabled product.” +Read more


2) Amazon’s Echo


Similar to LG’s ThinQ, Amazon’s Echo personal assistant is increasingly integrated with appliances and other home goods. “Owners of an Echo speaker can now ask Alexa to lock their doors, turn off their lights, or adjust their Nest thermostat.” Cool, huh?


3) Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator


This $5,000 fridge lets you see what you are out of when you are at the store via Internet-enabled cameras and features a large touchscreen display.

“Transform your kitchen with a revolutionary refrigerator featuring a Wi-Fi touchscreen that lets you connect with your family, manage food, and entertain like never before.
  • Display your calendar, notes, recipes, weather, and more.
  • Look inside remotely with a built-in interior camera.
  • Create shopping lists and order groceries.
  • Stream entertainment, including news, music, and TV.”

4) Laundroid–World’s 1st Laundry Folding Bot

While still a prototype, this laundry folding robot has our attention.  It uses cameras and fancy algorithms to figure out what piece of clothing is inside and then folds it accordingly. Sweet! Watch how the Laundroid works here.

Pretty exciting, huh? What new tech are you most looking forward to?

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